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Welcome to Magazine Closing Gift

The Magazine Closing Gift is a customized customer loyalty program and a powerful marketing tool that keeps your name in front of your valued customers, clients, and prospects every day.

Just $18. Send a personalized subscription to one of these great magazines: Better Homes & Gardens, Bloomberg Businessweek, Car and Driver, Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Dr. Oz, D Magazine, Dwell, Elle, Elle Decor, Esquire, Food Network, Garden & Gun, Good Housekeeping, Harper's BAZAAR, HGTV, House Beautiful, Kiplinger, Marie Claire; New Jersey Monthly, O, The Oprah Magazine; Parents, Phoenix Home & Garden, Popular Mechanics, Portland Monthly, Redbook, Road & Track, Seventeen, Seattle Met, Shape, Traditional Home, Town & Country, Veranda, Woman's Day.

Each issue of the magazine displays a customized Loyalty Label with your name, phone number, logo, personal message. In addition, a postcard is automatically sent on your behalf to announce your gift subscription

This website and process is owned by Cooper Cockerham, Inc. DBA: C2 and C2 Subscription Services, 417 S Wrenn St., High Point NC 27260 Phone 866-494-6162 and used with permission. C2 has applied for and received Patent Pending (Serial No. 10/704,213) status for it Magazine Closing Gift label, dba "Loyalty Label".

Tips & Testimonials

As the late Peter Drucker put it, "The purpose of business is to create and keep customers." One could make this statement more contemporary by inserting the word "profitably" to read: "The purpose of business is to profitably create and keep customers."

Adapted from Passionate About Customers/CMO Confidential, an interview with Martyn Etherington, Mitel CMO. By Eric Krell, DMN News, January 2014

The Art of Connecting

According to Dave Beson of Dave Beson Seminars and Life Success Systems, "past customers  can keep you in business. If there is one lesson learned in today's market, it's that you must work hard to maintain relationships with past clients and customers. One of the only ways to ensure future business is by keeping your name out in front."

Excerpt from Lore Magazine, July 2009

Maintaining loyalty well worth the effort

Guy Maser, SVP of Marketing at GlobalSpec, reminds us of an old saying in the business world: Customer Acquisition is an investment, but profitability is built on customer retention. Most realize that it is easier and more cost effective to retain current customers than it is to find new ones. It is hard to foster customer loyalty if your customers forget about you.

Adapted from DMNews, July 13, 2009, page 8

"I labored for years trying to come up with the "perfect" closing gift. When I found the Magazine Closing Gift I immediately knew that this was it! What an incredible easy and cost effective system. I LOVE this product, its service and company! Set up is a breeze and your name arrives every month on their magazine. Talk about "top-of-mind" presence!"

Dede Carney
Heritage Properties
Greenville, NC

“Magazine Closing Gift has proven to be the best closing gift for the buyers. It stays with them for a year or longer. It's a reminder that we care about them and a great conversation piece. It really moved my buyers' hearts and generated a few referrals among their friends.”

Sonia Mirkin


Exit Premier Real Estate

Burlington, MA


The "Magazine Closing Gift" is definitely my most effective marketing tool! I thoroughly enjoy giving my valued clients these popular magazines and they love receiving them every month! Many clients thank me and they tell me that they look forward to receiving their magazines every month! I believe that Magazine Closing Gift is a great way to show my appreciation for their business and referrals. It also keeps my name in front of them on a monthly basis! I also appreciate the excellent Customer Care that I've received. MCG values and appreciates my business which I think is a huge part of their continued success. Ordering on-line is so convenient and the cost is minimal. They offer a great selection of very popular magazines to satisfy so many of my clients' individual interests. There's a magazine choice for everyone! I'd highly recommend ordering multiple Magazine Closing Gifts to show your clients how much you appreciate them!


Theresa Sannicandro
ERA Key Realty Services
Westborough, MA

"Magazine Closing Gift is absolutely the best marketing tool that I have used in my 15 years as a Realtor! The program is easy to setup, effortless to implement and is systematic!! These magazines are not only desirable gifts; they remind each client of your appreciation for their loyalty and referrals all year long!Compared to monthly postcard mailing programs, 'Magazine Closing Gift' is much more cost effective. I no longer spend money on poinsettias at Christmas and deal with other frustrations associated with gift-giving! An extra benefit is that I collect updated email addresses from the thank you emails that I receive from my clients. I receive great feedback and referrals... so I know the program is working!"

Kay Ayers, CRS, ReMax Preferred Properties

"I have used the Magazine Closing Gift program for some time. When I find something that works, is affordable, and easy to use... I stick with it! This program is awesome!"

Marcy Briggs, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, OnQ Financial

"I have tried all kinds of things as a follow up gift.  The Magazine Closing Gift is the most economical and provides the biggest 'bang-for-the-buck'.  I have had a tremendous response from my customers.  They call me...even six months later to say thanks for the gift subscription...and sometimes, even give me a referral right on the spot.  They just love receiving the magazines...and I love the referrals!"

Anita C. Beckman, Vice President, Mortgage Banking Leader, Wachovia

"I invest a lot on closing gifts, thank you gifts and prospecting tools. And I have found the Magazine Closing Gift works better than anything else I have used…and spent much more on! Clients call to say thanks for the gift subscription, but most of all…I have received referrals and repeat business as direct result of the program. I use it following every close and encourage other Associates to do the same."

Nancy Curasi, Licensed Real Estate Agent, ERA Curasi Realty

"The Magazine Closing Gift is so powerful.  It says "THANK YOU" every time it comes.  As we all know, you cannot say thanks often enough.  It's one of the best marketing tools I have seen in my twelve years in the business, I use it following every close. 


Victoria Spannaus, Vice President, Wachovia Mortgage



The Magazine Closing Gift has become a huge part of my business.  Between the wonderful service and valuable product, you can't go wrong.  The Loyalty Label is perfect for my business and helps place my name in front of clients month after month.  This product has proven to be more valuable than I ever expected.  I highly recommend the Magazine Closing Gift to anyone looking to increase their exposure to clients."


Leanne Pogue, Re/Max Gold



"We are very excited to have found such a great way to show our appreciation to our customers…and also get out name in front of them every month.  Looking forward to working with you."


Linda Trevor, RE/MAX United



"The Magazine Closing Gift saves Associates so m y time and money.  The Associates job is to list and sell real estate.  Let the Magazine Closing Gift take care of follow up for future business.  It offers a lot of bang for the buck!"


Brenda Josey, Coldwell Banker University.



The Magazine Closing Gift says Thank You every time it comes. It is the best closing gift I have seen in my 10 years in the business.  It is effective and so easy to use!" 


Carolyn Shaffer, Coldwell Banker United